Selamat Datang, Para Penjelajah!

Bersiaplah untuk menjelajahi dunia ciptaan imajinasi dari para pencipta dunia dari Indonesia. Dunia-dunia penuh petualangan, keajaiban dan tentunya konflik antara kebaikan dan kejahatan. Maju terus para penulis fantasi Indonesia! Penuhi Takdirmu!

Fantasy Worlds Indonesia juga adalah blog resmi dari serial novel, komik, game dan multimedia FireHeart dan Evernade karya Andry Chang yang adalah versi Bahasa Indonesia dari NovelBlog berbahasa Inggris Everna Saga ( dan FireHeart Saga (

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VadisWorld Channels

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VadisWorld – Works, articles and reviews of Andry Chang and partners also things of interest and essential news around the world. A blog-magazine in development with the motto: Inform, Indulge and Inspire.

All about movies – favorite, blockbuster, interesting and unique. We also talk about actors and their unique traits, called “Class Act”; TV shows and all interesting things related to visual entertainment. Mostly presented in Audio-Visual (VLOG) format.

The spot to promote and sell your products and recommend them to friends and people all around the world. Our motto: We come, we see, we recommend. This site also serves as Indonesian Language Channel of VadisWorld.

A special blogsite about all things that go on wheels, the thrills of speed and racing, even the beauty of cars tuning – even articles about safe driving and such.

A channel that contains reviews, promotions and information about cellular phones, gadgets and cutting-edge mobile technology. It also contains essential information for foreigners, travelers and tourists for communicating in Indonesia and all around the world.

The column that really completes a magazine, that is about music, hit songs and unique and outstanding artists worthy of note and like. Also contains music video, radio streaming and lyrics of the karaoke-licious, sing-a-lot songs. To put it simply: It’s a reservoir of inspiration.

Games, games and nothing but games – undeniably one of the most addictive electronic entertainment in the world today. Articles, link to noteworthy games are here, and you can even play some of the games on-site! Game on, fellas!

Vadis Special Project Channels

FireHeart – Exploring Worlds of Fantasy, a NovelBlog

A special site for Vadis’ flagship project, Everna Saga, containing the NovelBlog FireHeart – Legend of the Paladins and more of Andry Chang’s Fantasy Works.
We also review novels, movies, games and all formats of fantasy-fiction works, whether aspiring, well-known, legendary and mythical, as a guide for all into the wonderful worlds of fantasy.

An exclusive fan-blog for Getamped / Splash Fighters Online Fighting Game.
Also an international source for skins made by Vadis and many Getamped skin makers all around the world. Get amped, or gotta kick yer arse!

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