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06 September 2017

The Lion's Loss, a Fable by Andry Chang


A wolf and a lion hunted in the same place. Unknowingly, the wolf sprang towards its prey and bit the lion's leg instead. Badly hurt, the lion roared in pain. "Stupid wolf! You have costed me my prey and my leg!"

The wolf replied that it was an accident but the lion demanded to bite the wolf's leg off as a payback for his loss. "You must bear the full responsibility and consequence  for your fault!" The wolf begged for mercy in vain. Before the lion bit his leg off, the wolf pounced and ripped the skin and flesh on the lion's neck. In retaliation, the lion bit deep into the wolf's belly.

As the two beasts lay dying, the lion asked, "Why did you bite my neck?" The wolf replied, "It's better for me to die by taking your life than to let you take my leg and I die from starvation. That way, you pay in full for my loss."

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